The Band, Whole Lotta Voltage,  deliver the most complete and authentic reproduction of AC/DC’s sound and stage performance in Ireland. The band are firmly established as one of the worlds finest tributes to AC/DC,  having been endorsed by Angus Young himself ahead of AC/DC’s visit to Dublin in 2014. The bands live AC/DC show has gained notoriety all over the country with its attention to detail, whirlwind energy and stunning musical accuracy.

Established in the year 2010 and based in Dublin, Whole Lotta Voltage comprise of 5 highly talented and experienced musicians from 4 different countries,  who share a passion for the greatest rock band on earth, AC/DC.

Simon Jordan - Vocals simon-jordan

Simon delivers a powerful, whiskey drenched vocal combination of both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, giving fans the best of both at every Whole Lotta Voltage show.

Axel McDonald - Rhythm Guitarist
Jay Bagnall - Drummer Andy Goddard - Bassist the-band

The driving force behind the famous AC/DC rhythmic freight train.

Chris Blorphington - Guitar chris-cole

Last but not least, the ultimate Angus Young impersonator Chris Cole  offers the most frantic, high-­‐energy stage performance, while delivering note for note perfection on every famous AC/DC riff.

Whole Lotta Voltage emulates the feel, power and pure essence of AC/DC and proves it with every show they do.

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